Gemmy International specializes in acquiring difficult to obtain gemstones such as fine and very-fine natural rubies, fancy natural colored diamonds, alexanderite, demantoid, benitoite, and black opal from our international wholesale sourcing network, per individual client requirements.   Upon request we will collaborate with the client and design and manufacture one-of-a-kind jewelry from acquired gems, utilizing class A materials.

The fee for gem acquisition is $100 per gem, or gem lot (i.e.: a suite of matched 5mm to 7mm blue sapphires) up to $1000 acquisition cost. Over $1000 it is a flat fee of 10% of acquisition cost per gem, or gem lot.

0.40 ct. natural Purple fancy diamond GIA origin of color cert in Platinum with gypsy-set baguettes courtesy of Steven Ing Collection

0.31 ct. natural Fancy Intense Pink diamond GIA origin of color cert in Platinum with gypsy-set ballerina style baguettes courtesy of Sharon Burnside-Ing collection